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YouFarm provides farmers with access to collateral free finance by getting people to invest in crops and livestock and share the profits with the farmers when the produce goes to market

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It is now more important than ever that we get farmers funded. YouFarm is offering the opprtunity for anyone to become a YouFarm Franchisee so that you can help farmers in your area get the funding that they need in order to feed the nation!

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You can become a part of the agricultural value chain by selecting a project to sponsor. You can sponsor a farmer from as little as R200

Share the profits with the farmers!

When you sponsor a farmer you can share up to 40% of the profits with the farmer when the produce goes to market!

Become a YouFarm Franchisee

Earn money by supporting local farmers and helping them get access to finance by becoming a YouFarm Franchisee

Welcome to YouFarm

Traditional financial institutions are not addressing the funding needs of farmers, and the equities and securities markets are complex and not welcoming to everyday people.

YouFarm provides farmers with acceess to much needed finance by exposing farmers to a global network of micro impact investors. Our vision is to change the way agricultural finance is done in Africa as we strongly believe that there is no good excuse for not funding a farmer!


The importance of good farm record keeping

Keeping records is the backbone of managing one’s agribusiness. Efficient management of a farming operation requires that records be maintained to enable the farmer to make informed decisions affecting their profits.

Types of Agricultural Financing in Zimbabwe

There is a US$223 million agricultural funding shortfall in Zimbabwe affecting thousands of farmers. This week I want to briefly look at the different types of agricultural finance in Zimbabwe and how they compare to the YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform

Agriculture is Everything (a Brief History of Agriculture)

I’ve been reading an amazing book by Jared Diamond called, ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in agriculture.



Project: 12,000 Broiler Chickens
Location: Zambia
GPS: 15˚35’35”S 28˚16’23”E
Investment: ZAR323,831.00
Minimum Investment: ZAR1,000.00
Projected Income: ZAR415,969.00
Profit Share: 20%
Projected ROI: 5.69% over 6 weeks
Project Ref: kglbr12k08zm
Start Date: August 1, 2020

Raised: ZAR8,500.00
Goal: ZAR323,831.00

Coming soon!

Raised: R0
Goal: R0

Coming Soon!

Raised: R0
Goal: R0

Coming soon!

Raised: R0
Goal: R0

Coming soon!

Raised: R0
Goal: R0

Coming soon!

Raised: R0
Goal: R0

Our goal at YouFarm is to change the way agricultural finance is done across the SADC region

YouFarm is currently operating in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe

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