Welcome to You Farm, where we fund farmers

Join the agricultural value chain.

You can become a part of the agricultural value chain by selecting a project to crowd farm. You can invest in a project from as little as R200

Share the profits with the farmers!

When you crowd farm you can share up to 40% of the profits with the farmer when the produce goes to market!

Become a YouFarm Agent

Earn money by supporting local farmers and helping them get access to finance by becoming a YouFarm Agent.

About us

Welcome to YouFarm

Traditional financial institutions are not addressing the funding needs of farmers, and the equities and securities markets are complex and not welcoming to everyday people.

The YouFarm Crowd Farming Platform provides farmers with acceess to much needed finance by exposing farmers to a global network of micro impact investors through our alternative impact investment crowd farming platform. Our vision is to change the way agricultural finance is done in Africa as we strongly believe that there is no good excuse for not funding a farmer!

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